We Are Living in the Moment

2 Dec

One of my best friends in Korea has three cats. One of her cat was adopted about a year ago; her cat was stray cat, and about 4 years old. One day he could not move, and stayed at bathroom for so long, she took him to vet. It was just simply because of colon bacillus, and he got a shot. On her way came back to home, she took a cab, and started to talking to her cat, such as how much the shot could hurt him, sorry for not taking to vet earlier, etc. Somehow she realized there was a cab driver, and how could he think she is crazy, she stopped talking and looked at the driver. Suddenly, the driver asked her how much she loves her cat, and instead of answering, she re-asked him he does not like animal, and he told her a story.

He used to have a dog, who spent whole life with the family. He got the dog when the dog was a really small puppy, and he spent his life with the dog, when his son went to college and left house, his daughter got married, and saw his first grandchild. It was been 16 years to lose the dog, because he was too old. As considering the fact the dogs normally lives for 15 years, his dog had long health life, so there was no regret or sorriness, but he was sad about losing one of his family members, and felt so hollow. Ever since that, he couldn’t get anymore pet, because he knew, at this time he has to send the pet to heaven first.

After she heard this story, she couldn’t stand crying all the way back to home, and think about losing all three cats after few years later. She sat on the floor, and cried. Some people couldn’t believe, but her cats, who normally being really lazy, came down to cat tower, walked to her slowly, and sat around her. One cat actually leaned on her back, so she could feel warmness. For a while, she thought that how she can bear the sad moment after losing them first, so thought about giving them up, but she realized that the moment she spends with her cats is so precious.

We are raising pets, even though we knew that they won’t live longer than us. Most average cat/dog’s life span is maximum 15 to 17, and even it is expanded recently. we still give attached and love them, no matter how much we will be upset after we lose them, because we are living in this moment. My cat knows when I cry, and she comes to me and hugs me. She always comes to me when she is sleepy like a baby, and likes to play with me, sometimes nags when she is hungry. I love her, and she is my family. We are living in the moment together, and happy. I never could have these feelings without her, so it will be more sad not having her in my life at all, than losing her after all her life with me.


The Worst Misunderstanding about Cat – Part 2

28 Nov

I posted about misunderstanding about cat that cat owners easily make, and I am going to continue on more mistakes.

  1. Recently, there are great cat stuffs are coming up, many cat owners are using automatic cat bathroom equipment. When cats do their business, this thing automatically remove the excretion to keep the bathroom clean. It is true that cat loves clean bathroom, and they do not even use bathroom when it’s dirty, but you should not use this machine that includes automatic cleaning function. It scares your cat, and they try to wait and wait until they are about to burst. For cat, this machine is challenge, and adventure. Don’t be lazy to clean your cat’s litter box, and stop using automatic cleaning bathroom.
  2. I know it is scared, and it is now your challenge to clean dead animal, but it is their natural instinct. Cats love hunting. This is obvious fact. You want to stop them, but it does not work. Now you are worried that your cat maybe really wild and aggressive, but don’t you worry. Try to understand, this is what they do. In nature, cats are called as little tiger. They used to be wild animals. Even though they don’t eat what they hunt, but they still enjoy it.
  3. Your cat hates to be cut his/her nails. My cat used to scratched and bit me. It was two person’s job in the past. My friend held her not to move, and I cut. Because cats extremely hate this, you may think that this is harmful for cat. However, it is not. They actually use scratcher to file their nails. Too long nails will make them uncomfortable. Unless you don’t touch cat’s skin under nails, you should cut your cat’s nails for them.

We always want to completely understand what our cat wants and needs. However, it is difficult to understand, and we easily make mistakes. If you are little bit more pay attention to your cat though, you will know when your cat purr, and when they really get angry. Don’t try to understand their life in your eyes, try to understand them just as cats.

The Worst Misunderstanding about Cat – Part 1

25 Nov

While I am living with my sweet little Cola, I couldn’t help to guess Cola’s mind with no clue. I know many Cat owners do the same thing like I do, but then they would also have experienced that your cat wasn’t happy as you think. It is because you MINUNDERSTOOD cat’s mind. There are some worst mistakes that cat owners make, but cat’s not like.

  1. “My cat is raised alone, so she may lonely. I will to adopt one more cat.” – This happens to many cat owners, and I am one of them. Because I could be out so much time during a day, Cola used to welcome me whenever I came back to home. I felt great, but I also feel sorry to leave her alone, so I decided to make her a friend. I took my uncle’s family cat, Nimo, to my house, and guess what happened? They fought seriously, so I had to take Nimo back in less than one hour. Since they are living together, they don’t fight, and they get along sometimes, but most of time, they play separately. Don’t guess what your cat wants. They normally don’t welcome another cat into their territory, and share litter box and food. They may need you, not new cat.
  2. “Can food will make them sick, so I won’t give them any. Cats anyway can’t taste.” – They don’t need to have different food for every meal like us, and they don’t want something delicious for special occasion. However, they need can food. Not because of the taste, but for health, they need meat. Here, you better check your cat’s dry food; how much protein is included. For cats, nutrition is feed to brain first, so if there is not much protein in their food, they feel lethargic physically, and have no will to play or hunt. So, to fill energy, they need can food.
  3. “My cat used to like this toy, but he doesn’t play with it anymore. Maybe he is tired of this toy, so I will hide, and give it to him later, then he will play with this as new!” – If you really think this, you are so bad. Your cat’s not idiot. They actually know and remember their toy, no matter how long you hid it from them. When they play with the toy at the first time, they spread their unique smell to it, so they can show other cats that it is mind. They will recognize this smell even few years later, so they won’t play with it at all anymore. If you think the cat toy is too expensive, you can just make them. Watch what kind of toy you cat like the best. Cola likes to play with strings more than bells or balls. So I hung many colorful strings to a stick, and shake them in front of Cola, and she loves it. It is not difficult, if you have a few hours to devote to your cat.

No matter how much you love them, it is not worth to misunderstand their mind, so doing what they hate. It is important to know what your cat really wants. There are several more misunderstanding s that cat owners often make, continue on next post.

Thank You for Being with Me

22 Nov

It is been more than one year since I adopted Cola from Reno animal shelter. I still remember the first time I met her. Cola was totally different than my other cats. She nagged, made a mess while I was at school, bit and scratched me. For few days of living with Cola, I wanted to give her up several times, but I am so glad that I did not.

Because my other cats are belonging to my whole family, I did not really take care of them. My uncle changed their litter, aunt feed them, and cousins played with them. So I liked them, but not really attached. However, while I am taking care of Cola by my own, I realized how it is different depend on where the responsibility is on.

Since I decide that I am going to be Cola’s mother, I am trying to be really great owner. I feed her, take her to the vet, and play with her. And as much as I care about her, and love her, I feel that she loves me back. She only responds to my voice, she recognizes her name, she feels comfortable when I hold her, and she comes to my room to sleep, or take a break. And she comes at Nimo, only when I am with them, I guess she feels confident with me.

I grew up with my dad, who thought pet should live as a pet. He hated pet run into human food, sleeping with us, and/or come at us. So I had pretty same mind as him, but Cola totally changed it. I talked about Cola so much to my family back in my home, and said she is my daughter, and I will raise her with my children in the future. My father hated to hear it at the first time, but now he likes Cola just because of all the things I told him. I used to feel alone when I got home, but I don’t anymore. Cola filled my loneliness. It is been a year now since we’ve been family.

“Thank you so much baby for not running away from me, and coming back to home every night, and being my family.”

Cat Bath

18 Nov

Even though I said cats do not need to take a shower often, they need it once in six months at least for indoor cat, and once in three to four months for outdoor cat. At the first time I gave Cola a bath, it was the hardest thing I ever had to do since I adopted a cat. She was biting me, scratching me, and crying a lot (I was really freaked out, when Cola cried loudly, because she never cried before). Once she ran away, while I put pet shampoo all over her body, and she spread it to over my bed. I even researched how other people possibly give a bath to their cats, and it is a problem to others too. So, I created my own way to give a bath to cat, who really hates it.

The first step is preparing water. With a small bucket, which is little bigger than your cat’s size, and mix pet’s shampoo and warm water, until bubble appears. Then get some warm water in the bath tub. Cat’s skin is really sensitive, so you have to be careful with the temperature of water. It should be warm, not hot or cold!! And the water height need to be little bit more that your cat’s bottom.

The biggest problem I had to give a bath to Cola was scratch. She had really sharp nails, and she scratched all over my body; arms, thighs, back, wherever she could touch. I even cut her nails right before I gave a bath, but did not work well. So, I rapped her foot. Like the shoes dog wears, I rapped her foot with 4 pieces of small towers. And you are all ready to give your pet a bath!!

Put your cat in the small bucket with shampoo, and rub their body carefully, but not head. And bring the cat into the bath tub, and rinse shampoo. Also, be careful not to drop water in their eyes and ears. Once you are done with all body part, take off the raps on the foot, and rinse them quickly. Then hold your cat with dry towel, and massage them with towel, so the moist can be absorbed into the towel. Your can will run away from you, when you hold them with dry towel, but they will lick their body, and it will dry well soon. Just control temperature in your room, so your can won’t get a cold.

It seems a hard work, but the greatest part of this for me is once I am all done, and after Cola dry her hair enough, she comes to my bed, and tries to sleep with me. The moment is precious, and not compare to the effort I gave for her bath. Don’t be too scared, try it. You will see how bright you cat’s hair can be.

Tips for Raising Cats

17 Nov

Few weeks ago, one of my significant other’s friends got a kitten. He never raised any kinds of pet in his life, so he had his own way to raise the cat. One day, my boy friend went to his house after hanging out, he had this little kitten. She was 3 months old, has gray fluffy hair, and big round eyes. My boy friend just fell in love with the kitten, and held her all the time, while he was there. However, his friend treated the kitten carelessly. He fed the kitten so little, because he didn’t want her to get fat, so she was small like just a month old kitten. He cut the kitten’s whiskers, because he thought, it made the kitten looked older. He gave her shower EVERYDAY, because he thought she needed. This is why the kitten tried to run away from him all the time.

After I heard this story, I was so closed to report him to police. I was really sad about the kitten, and I wondered how I can rescue that kitten. I was not closed with the guy, but decided to call him, and tell him what he did wrong, and if he wouldn’t listen to me, I was going to take the kitten to myself. Fortunately, when I called him, he said he didn’t know about the cat, and he wouldn’t do anything like that, if he knew. This is also his fault that he haven’t try to find the information about raising cat, but since he promised me not to treat the kitten like before anymore, I just gave him some tips.

  1. Feed cat well. They are not like dog, who eat as much as their owner gives. Cats know when they need to stop eating, and they control themselves. Especially for kitten, they have to eat well to grow.
  2. Cat does not need to take a shower everyday. I also give Cola shower once for about 3 to 4 months. However, this is because she is outdoor cat. If your cat is indoor cat, twice for a year is enough.
  3. Do not ever cut your cat’s whiskers!!! Those are cat’s one of body parts. You can be arrested by animal shelter according to the animal protection law. Cat feels most of environmental conditions by their whiskers. If you cut these, they can’t walk through dark place or hunt. Some cats even can’t walk and open their eyes.
  4. Take care of them with love. One of the reason that cats are smart, is they can figure who loves them, and who doesn’t. In this case, she knew her owner does not have affection to her.

And there is one last thing I want to say, “Treat them as a baby, love them as your family, and devote to them without asking back anything. And someday, you will see how much your cat loves you.”

Play with Your Kitty!!

15 Nov

When I adopted a cat for very first time in my life, the reason I wanted to adopt a cat was it is easy. I know I was totally wrong, but at that time, I believed the fact that cats do not like to play, walk, and sleep with their owner. I could not help to think this way, because my first two cats always slept, did not like to be bothered from us, and liked to hide most of the time. The only responsibility on me was feeding them, and cleaning their sand box. I am pretty sure; this is not only my case.

If your cat gives you “Leave me alone” expression, I do not force you to play with them. But the problem is, while you are really leaving them alone, they don’t run, walk, exercise, and they are getting FAT!! I saw many times that some cat owners tried to walk in the park with their cats, but their cats were trying to run away and it seems really pitiful. Adult cat’s normal weight should be between 5.5 to 12 lb, no matter what kinds your cats are, unless your cat is one of the generically small or huge cats! Once your cat is getting fat, it is harder to train them to lose weight, so you have to be prepared.

I never had any weight problem with Cola. Even though she is getting bigger; she used to be 8.2 lb 2 months ago, but now she is 8.6 lb, it is very healthy growth. It maybe because she is totally outdoor cat ( when she can’t go out at least once a day, she is being crazy; biting me, annoying me, scratching me, or doing whatever so I can give up, and let her out), also she has really active personality. However, the weather is getting cold, Cola spends less time outside than she used to, and there is nothing fun at home, she always sleep. Do you know what I need for her? TOYs!!

Normally she was really tired when she got home after hunting or chasing wild animals, she did not give a few seconds of interest to her toys, but she actually bring those things to me, and make me feel like she wants to play. 30 minutes are enough. It does not take long. After 30 minutes of your time devotes once a day, your cat will go back to your couch, and take a rest, in addition, your cat can keep his/her good body shape. (Maybe more than 30 minutes, if your cat is fat.)

Don’t just neglect what your kitty needs. You are their parents. Play with them, so help them to keep them out of obesity, make them healthy, and build bonding with them.