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Cat Food

30 Sep

What Are You Feeding For Your Cat?

For the five years I have been raising cats, I have not got the clear answer for this question. Even though I feed them with dry cat food, I always thought that maybe they also want to eat something delicious or meat, like we do.

 This was happened to my family few years ago. As a usual, we were eating dinner. The menu was Korean style port barbeque. We were sitting around the short table, almost finished dinner. At the time, my first cat, Nikky, was actually trying to still a small piece of pork. My uncle never allowed cats came on to the table, while we were eating, so he just put one of his front legs, and dragged that pork. Can you imagine how cute that was? My uncle was adored Nikky, and let him have some pieces of pork.

This was happened just several days ago. My kitty, Cola, loves to hunting, and she brought some mice, birds, and lizards to home, although my aunt is freaking out. One day, Cola brought a mouse, and left that in the middle of living room, and Nimo ate it. I was gross, but I had thought in mind that maybe Nimo wanted to have some meat! Do you think this is right thought as a cat mom?

I studied for it, and I found an answer. Not like human has 60 meter long intestines, cat has only 1 meter long intestines. Also, human has 9000 taste cells, cat has only 500 cells. If you share your delicious dinner with your cat, your cat even can’t feel taste, and will get indigestion. Cats need not delicious food for you, they need the food that will good for their digestion and nutrition balanced healthy. Do not misunderstand them as human being.  Distinguish what they need and helpful as a cat is what we should do as a cat owner.


Hello, he is Nimo.

29 Sep

How Sweet He Is!

Here, let me introduce my second favorite cat in the world. His name is Nimo (people always make fun of his name, because it reminds the fish movie, “Finding Nimo”), he is the most gentle and tender kitty I ever met.

He is my family’s third cat. First one named Nikki, and I met him at Wal-mart (I like to talk about him on the later post). And two weeks later, we adopted one more kitten named Nicole. These two cats were really closed like a brother and sister, but suddenly, Nikky was gone. We were trying to find him for several months. We called animal shelter, looked for every apartments around my house, but no one could find him. This is how we decided to adopt one more cat from shelter, and we met Nimo. I believe that cats normally recognize their owner as a friend, and not that friendly like a dog, but Nimo was totally different. When my little cousin held him, he was just curring, and did not want to leave. He was the friendliest cat I ever saw in my life, even more than Cola. He also became good family to Nicole (since Nikky was gone, she was not hanging out, like she did before). However, few months later, Nicole also left home, and after a month, Nimo was gone, too. My all family members were so depressed, and we decided not to adopt a cat ever again. However, after 3 months later, Nimo came back to us!! He was bigger, but we could know that it was Nimo.

This story has been 5 years. In human’s age, he is more than 30 years old, and now my cousins are calling him, Uncle Nimo. During the last 5 years, Nimo became a significant part of our life, and my family loves him so much. He never did anything we hate. He is a boss of other cats around my house, and sometimes he brought some female cats to home, and share his food (not a same cat all the time, we guess they are Nimo’s girlfriends). And sometimes, he plays a part of dog. One time, right outside of my window (my room in on the first floor) there are three raccoons were staying for about a week. They were crying so bad at night, and scratched my windows sometimes. I was too afraid to sleep in my room. But before we called animal center, Nimo came out, scared them, and finally drove them out. He is so reliable.

He is not only brave, also so cute. Showing stomach means obedience for cat, but when I try to pet him, he rubs his head to my hands, and shows his stomach. He is not shy at all. Every single guest of my house always loved him, even kids and babies. I am 100% guarantee that you will love him, once you meet him.

Cat Café

24 Sep

Have You Heard about Cat Café?

In my country, Korea, cat used to be considered as wily beast, so still old generations in Korea do not like cats (it was kind of a huge cultural shock that so many elders are raising cats in US). Until 5 years ago, there were just few people, who raised cats. I also had fear of cats, and their crying sounds; it really sounds like a baby crying. I easily could find stray cats everywhere, especially near around trash bags. There were not enough animal shelters, and there was no awareness of cat’s neutralization. Kittens just became abandoned, in a minute they were born.

However, just as I realized how cute and sweet they are, many young generations changed their thoughts toward cats, and have interests in abandoned cats. Cat Café is one of efforts to protect stray cats. The owner of Cat Café says that the goal of the café is not only to take care of stray cats, also give people a chance to hang out with them, and get rid of their fear. Already some customers of the café got attached cats, and adopted them here, so the cafe could save more cats, who might be euthanized from animal shelters. Some people love cats, but cannot raise them, happily offer to donate cat food and play doll.

Because the café is not for profit, and several people love to offer supports, you can only pay 7,000 won (about 6 US dollars), to enter the café, and it includes drinks. There is no time limits, you can spend as much time as you want, because it takes little long time to get intimated with cats.

I believe this is a brilliant idea, isn’t it?

The Facts about Homeless Cats

23 Sep

Do you know how many homeless cats live in shelter waiting family?

According to the National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy (NCPPSP), there are more than 70 million stray cats in U.S. Worst of worst, every year, 70% of cats, whose enter shelters in nation wide are euthanized. While 5 out of 10 dogs are destroyed in shelters, 7 out of 10 cats are destroyed, only because no one wants to adopt them.

There is no government institution or organization, which takes responsibility for stray animals, and there are still short of research institution for animal protection movement,so euthanized cats will be increased more and more. Also, there is no government organization monitor animal shelters, and those shelters are not parts of government institution. Therefore, there is not enough support for animal shelters, and because of the  number of animals entering shelter are geting increased, it is even harder to protect these animals.

Fortunately, many people are having concerns of stray animals, and the number of groups those insist animal life protection is increased. Also, the community animal shelters are raising their influence (currently there are about 5,000 animal shelter in U.S.), there is hope to get government’s attention, and moderate supports.

However, the most important reason for increasing stray animals in shelters is low adoption and returning rate. Only less than 2% of stray cats can return to their family, while 15-20% of stray dogs can get back to their family. Currently, many pet owners are relinquished their pets, because of finanacial problems in most reasons or simply neglects.

Pet protection is not a special activity but it is easy to approch. Do not just be satisfy by feeling bad for them. It is a life, we are talking about.

My Life with My Kitty

15 Sep

This is my little life partner, Cola. I came up with her name as Cola, simply because she is black, but I love her name! She is 18 months old, domestic short-hair cat. She loves hunting birds, lizard, and/or mice. We met November 2nd, 2010 in Nevada Humane Society. I never had mind to raise black cat, but somehow I fell in love with her at first glance. I really did not think how long I would take care of her (I just wanted to have a pet). After 6 months, I had some private concerns, and I would no longer take care of her. I was trying to give her up, and send her back to Humane Society, but it made me just really upset. With my family’s great help, I am still in a relationship with her, and I can’t imagine my life without her. I believe, she does that too! Adopting and being a family with her is one of the greatest thing happened in my life. She is the cutest little kitty in the world. Since I met Cola, and spending time with her, I started to think about other homeless cats. If I did not adopt my little kitty, she could be one of them. Most people love dogs, and their adoption rate is much higher than cat’s. Someone are saying dogs are just like human, and they are good friends of people. What about cats? Many people have changed their thought about cats, and it’s adopting rate is getting higher, but there are still so many abandoned cats. You don’t know what is going to make your life more adundant, and it can be started with a small beatiful life.