The Facts about Homeless Cats

23 Sep

Do you know how many homeless cats live in shelter waiting family?

According to the National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy (NCPPSP), there are more than 70 million stray cats in U.S. Worst of worst, every year, 70% of cats, whose enter shelters in nation wide are euthanized. While 5 out of 10 dogs are destroyed in shelters, 7 out of 10 cats are destroyed, only because no one wants to adopt them.

There is no government institution or organization, which takes responsibility for stray animals, and there are still short of research institution for animal protection movement,so euthanized cats will be increased more and more. Also, there is no government organization monitor animal shelters, and those shelters are not parts of government institution. Therefore, there is not enough support for animal shelters, and because of the  number of animals entering shelter are geting increased, it is even harder to protect these animals.

Fortunately, many people are having concerns of stray animals, and the number of groups those insist animal life protection is increased. Also, the community animal shelters are raising their influence (currently there are about 5,000 animal shelter in U.S.), there is hope to get government’s attention, and moderate supports.

However, the most important reason for increasing stray animals in shelters is low adoption and returning rate. Only less than 2% of stray cats can return to their family, while 15-20% of stray dogs can get back to their family. Currently, many pet owners are relinquished their pets, because of finanacial problems in most reasons or simply neglects.

Pet protection is not a special activity but it is easy to approch. Do not just be satisfy by feeling bad for them. It is a life, we are talking about.


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