Cat Café

24 Sep

Have You Heard about Cat Café?

In my country, Korea, cat used to be considered as wily beast, so still old generations in Korea do not like cats (it was kind of a huge cultural shock that so many elders are raising cats in US). Until 5 years ago, there were just few people, who raised cats. I also had fear of cats, and their crying sounds; it really sounds like a baby crying. I easily could find stray cats everywhere, especially near around trash bags. There were not enough animal shelters, and there was no awareness of cat’s neutralization. Kittens just became abandoned, in a minute they were born.

However, just as I realized how cute and sweet they are, many young generations changed their thoughts toward cats, and have interests in abandoned cats. Cat Café is one of efforts to protect stray cats. The owner of Cat Café says that the goal of the café is not only to take care of stray cats, also give people a chance to hang out with them, and get rid of their fear. Already some customers of the café got attached cats, and adopted them here, so the cafe could save more cats, who might be euthanized from animal shelters. Some people love cats, but cannot raise them, happily offer to donate cat food and play doll.

Because the café is not for profit, and several people love to offer supports, you can only pay 7,000 won (about 6 US dollars), to enter the café, and it includes drinks. There is no time limits, you can spend as much time as you want, because it takes little long time to get intimated with cats.

I believe this is a brilliant idea, isn’t it?


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