Cat Food

30 Sep

What Are You Feeding For Your Cat?

For the five years I have been raising cats, I have not got the clear answer for this question. Even though I feed them with dry cat food, I always thought that maybe they also want to eat something delicious or meat, like we do.

 This was happened to my family few years ago. As a usual, we were eating dinner. The menu was Korean style port barbeque. We were sitting around the short table, almost finished dinner. At the time, my first cat, Nikky, was actually trying to still a small piece of pork. My uncle never allowed cats came on to the table, while we were eating, so he just put one of his front legs, and dragged that pork. Can you imagine how cute that was? My uncle was adored Nikky, and let him have some pieces of pork.

This was happened just several days ago. My kitty, Cola, loves to hunting, and she brought some mice, birds, and lizards to home, although my aunt is freaking out. One day, Cola brought a mouse, and left that in the middle of living room, and Nimo ate it. I was gross, but I had thought in mind that maybe Nimo wanted to have some meat! Do you think this is right thought as a cat mom?

I studied for it, and I found an answer. Not like human has 60 meter long intestines, cat has only 1 meter long intestines. Also, human has 9000 taste cells, cat has only 500 cells. If you share your delicious dinner with your cat, your cat even can’t feel taste, and will get indigestion. Cats need not delicious food for you, they need the food that will good for their digestion and nutrition balanced healthy. Do not misunderstand them as human being.  Distinguish what they need and helpful as a cat is what we should do as a cat owner.


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