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29 Oct

Usually I wrote informative posts during most of my blogging time, and I love to give information to people, who want to know about cats, today I like to write some personal opinion about responsibility. Even though I love cats, and I hope many cats as possible are adopted and find new home, I don’t force people to love them and adopt them. The reason I had this on my mind started from a phone call. There is a friend of mine, who is veterinarian. Since she and I were friends at high school, whenever she found a dead cat on the road, she wasn’t felt scared, and buried the dead cat around the play ground. I was scared, so I didn’t help her, but I just stayed there with her, and she said that was nice. All I thought about at that time was how great she is.

Few days ago, she called me while she was crying. Although she had to practice medical experiments on living mouse, she never gave up her dream. But this time, she wanted to quit working as vet. The day was pretty harsh for her. First, one kid held his kitten in his arms, and the kitten was barely breathing. What happened was: the boy’s father didn’t like to have pet, and he was drunk that day, and kicked the kitten against wall several times. The kitten’s one leg was broken, and she couldn’t open one of her eyes. The kitten needed surgery right away, but the kid’s mom did not want to pay that much money for “just a cat.”  Second kitty came to her hospital few hours later. This guy ran into the office, and begged to save his cat. When my friend looked at the cat, it was dead already, and its neck bone was broken. He told while he was out of apartment for work that last night, his roommate possibly harassed the cat. Anyway my friend couldn’t save the cat, and asked him to bury the cat on the right place.

This wasn’t happened just that day. It happens all the time. People harassing their pets in their house, and the pet couldn’t get away from them. I hope you think about it more times before you just want to take them with you. Does your family or roommate like the pet? If not, don’t take them. Are you financially able to take care of your pet? If not, don’t take them. Your pet is like your baby. They need constant care and love. They know who loves them. They know where they can feel comfort. Sometimes, they require you to spend some money for them. On the earlier post, I asked you not just to feel bad to stray cats, and adopt them now. Let me add one more thing. Feel bad to poor animals, and look at your conditions. Get ready to HAVE RESPONSIBILITY TO YOUR PET! Then you are ready to adopt one.



27 Oct

Today, I like to talk about Catnip. This is dried herb leafs that cats love, and work as drug for human, but does not have additional effect. Its official name is Nepeta Cartaria, but we call it “Catnip”, because cats love this. Like other herbs, the leaf gets dried, and it smells like mint. One of the components in this leaf called Nepetalactone, and this is the one works for cats. Silvervine leaf also has same component, and work same as regular catnip. Normally cats are driving crazy with catnip, and some of them aren’t, and silvervine leafs can work for them. Here, you may worry about giving catnip to your cats, because with this catnip, cats’ behavior become little unfamiliar, but there is not harmful effect with this leaf, so you can be relieved.


How does this leaf work? Like human uses drug to make feeling great, this smell from catnip makes your cats feel better. They are exciting, biting, hugging, and rolling on the catnip. Some people use this catnip, when their cats have no appetite, no will to do anything, or cats have health problem, so they are tired.

How to use? Normally, you put the catnip in the toy (such as stuffed ball, small animal doll, etc), or you can spread it on the scratch. However, once the smell gets disappeared, you have to change the catnip, because cats no longer interested in it.

Where should you get the catnip? At regular supermarket, you can buy full products, but you can also cultivate it at your house by your own. Catnip is usually strong, so easy to plant at home. When you get leafs, dry them for 2-4 weeks, and they will start to make minty smell.

There are some tips of catnip. First, it is safe to use as a toy for your cat, because it does not have any harmful effects or additions. Second, cats normally react to catnip for 10-20 minutes, and if you play with it too many times, cats will be tired of it really fast. So 1-2 times a week is proper. Many cats under 6 months old may not react with catnip, but they will while they are growing up, so do not worry about it. And do not give catnip to pregnant cats; it may affect to fetus.

Cat’s I Love You

22 Oct

I love my sweet Cola, and there are some reasons for that, such as only following me at home, always come to my room to sleep, and stay calm when I hold her. Before I raised cats, I believed that people said “Cat are arrogant, never follow its owner, and cold. These are true for some cats, but not for some other. One of my friends, who are raising two cats, told me that he couldn’t sleep well, because his cat kept biting his nose, when he fell a sleep, and his cat looks having fun with doing it. However, he also has his reasons to keep and love his cats; the cats also love him. How can you possibly know that your cat loves you? Here I am telling you, there are four typical behaviors that cats do to express love.

First, sleeping together. You may have experienced that on the first day with your cat, he/she never come out, try to hide, and sleep in the corner. Cat only sleeps wherever they feel comfy. My Cola used to sleep under the dinner table, and she cried when I pulled her out, but now she naturally come on to my bed, and sleep with me.

Second, grooming. Especially cats are grooming themselves really well, but once they know their owner love them, and feel comfortable with them, they start to groom their owner, too. Even though their tongue feels like sandpaper, it is a expression of their love to you, I hope you can handle with it.

Third, rubbing. They like to rub their body against the person they love. You can see when they rub their body to you, they put their tails up. This is because cats have smell that only can be realized by cats (human never can smell that), and they make sign by putting the smell to your body.

Last, purring. I guess most of cat owners had experienced this. This is a direct signal of happiness of cats. When they feel happy, comfy, and be loved, they make this sound through their body. I already posted about cats and pregnant women, but this purring sound actually have positive effect to pregnant women to avoid depression, while they are having baby.

How many of these behaviors have you had before with your cats? If you have done all of these, your cat must love you so much. Or, you go to adopt a new cat, and a cat does at least one of these, there are greater opportunity that you and the cat will get together better.

Pregnant and Cat

20 Oct

Pregnant and Cat

One of my cat lover friends is pregnant, and as much as she and her husband were happy, she had a concern about her cats. She has two Persian cats, and she has been raising them for four years. Her husband did not like cats, but changed after they got married and lived together. But ever since he knew that she is pregnant, he keep insisting to send the cats away for her, and baby’s health. That wasn’t what she wanted, but she was also worried about the baby, so she asked me being able to take care of her cats for a while. I love her cats, and it is nice to raise different kinds of cats, but I didn’t think that I can possibly take care of four cats at once; I called my friend, who is veterinarian in Korea.

One of the biggest reasons that people are afraid of cats’ infection to pregnant woman and/or fetus is the toxoplasma, which is one of parasites that can lives in cats. If a pregnant woman is infected, the fetus can be miscarried. I know this sounds horrible, and you would think that I have to take care of my friend’s cats, but I will not. I actually suggested her to keep the cats, and here is why.

  • By the statistics, most pregnant women, who were infected to toxoplasma, were not as result of cats; it was because of eating not fully cooked meat, uncooked egg, sushi, vegetables directly from soil.
  • Even though a cat has toxoplasma, it will be discharged with defecation. Toxoplasma is not infected by air, so if the pregnant woman does not clean cat’s excrement, she won’t have infected to toxoplasma by cat.

There are some tips to keep away from toxoplasma during pregnancy.

  1. Avoid uncooked meat.
  2. Don’t eat sushi, raw egg.
  3. Try to cook vegetables, at least boil them for a second before eating.
  4. Check your cats whether they have toxoplasma already.
  5. Try not to let your cats go out, especially around cattle shed and pigsty.
  6. Don’t feed cats with raw food.
  7. Don’t clean cat’s excrement (Ask someone do that for you).
  8. Wash hands as many times as possible, especially before eating.

Cats can even help a pregnant woman get away from depression during pregnancy. After her husband go to work, when she is alone at home, it is easy to get depressed, and it can even affect to fetus more. With easy caution, you can avoid infection to toxoplasma, and can be healed by your cats.

Cat Has Personality

15 Oct

Which Cat Should I adopt?

As human have all different personality and characteristic, cats have their own characters every each. When you adopt a cat, the cat’s personality can affect to your life style, so it is important that you realize and care what kind of cat’s personality will fit you. For my case, I felt scared and lonely when I am alone at my house, I wanted to adopt a cat, who is active and easily attached to people.

In the Nevada Humane Society shelter, they are furnished several small rooms with toys, and if you ask, they let you in the room with the cat you choose. So you can hang out with the cat, and see how well you and the cat get along together. If you are very busy person, and need to work at home all day, cats like Cola will bother you to play with them all day, and you will get stress. On the other side, if you are very active person, and you like your cat to play with you, you will easily be tired of playing with quiet and inactive cat. Once again, it is important to know that personality a cat has, when you adopt one.

Even though every cat has different personality, there are some specific characters the cat has by kinds, and here I will explain four kinds of them, most popularly adopted.

First, the Persian cat. Persian is typical long-hair cat. They are quiet, cool, and arrogant. They have beautiful face, graceful behavior, and carefully active. They are perfect for you to raise as the first cat in your life.



Second, Siamese (Thailand) cat. They look classy and stylish. Some people say that Siam cat has dog kind of personality. They get along with people easily, and they are very friendly. They like to follow wherever you move, and extremely active. They like to play with you, and have high reaction of toys or strangers. Not like other cats, they have high sense of loyalty to their owner.


Third, Turkish Angora cat. There are both long- and short-hair, and most of them have white hair and blue eyes. They are very beautiful and marvelous. Some of them have odd-eye (different color of each eye), and even though it is abnormality, they are very popular. They have elegant figure, and they are intelligent. Most of them are very rough to take care, and there are rare numbers of gentle Turkish Angora.


 Last, Domestic Short-Hair cat. Most of stray cats are domestic short-hair. They used to have bad impression for people, but since pet cats are increased, many prejudices toward them are disappeared. They are kind, gentle, sweet, and quick-witted. I like to say that they have all of the good personality of other cats I listed here.


Cat adoption is increasing, and many people consider their cat as family, not just a pet. Therefore, you want to get along a cat has right personality with you.


14 Oct

Keep your cat out of ticks

I never really had thought that Cola could have ticks (even though she is very outgoing cat), I was freaked out when I found bunch of ticks in her ears. Normally, she scratches around ears, and I thought that it was wield but not cared that much. But it was because of the ticks, and there were even serious scar, and she was bleeding.  I felt so guilty about irresponsible, and tried to remove the ticks, but it was not easily gone. You can’t imagine how strong these ticks are; it even made sound like ‘tick’, when I took it off from her skin. People always say that cat needs constant care from their owner, and it is true. Sometimes, it is even harder than raising dogs. Anyway, although cat does not like to have bath, you have to clean your cat’s ear all the time, even once a day. Ticks in cat’s ear is common, and it can appear to even indoor cat, however, once it appear, it is hard to be totally treated. For Cola’s case, I need to use special care to remove existing ticks first, but even though your cat has no ticks, prevention is necessary.

First, get some alcohol, and mix it with warm water.

Second, put cotton swab in the water, and clean the inside skin of ears. (You can put the cotton swab little bit deeper. Cat’s ear has longer inner part than human, and does not feel serious pain like people.)

Third, if your cat has suspected to have ticks, or germs in his/hers ear, there are some ointments to treat ear ticks for special, and you can buy them at near pet supplier store. Put some of the ointment into cat ear, and massage the ear, so the ointment can spread inside. Tips, while you are using this ointment, you should not give them bath, not only because of stress, water could get into the ear. (I haven’t used an ointment yet, so I will review one later.)

The ticks never can be removed without your constant care and love. You should watch your cat’s skin every day, and check there is not even one tick exists (it can be infected a cat to cat, or other hairy pet). You will see, your cast can get out of ticks by themselves. They need you.

Cat’s Hunting

8 Oct

Cat hunts!!

My sweet Cola used to hunt small animal, such as mouse, birds, and lizards. I do not care about hunting, unless she eats, but it became a problem. She brought they dead mouse, birds, and lizards into home!! All of my family freaked out, and started to hate her, and it got worse when Nimo ate the dead mice that Cola hunted. She brought the dead animals several times a day, and that was every day.

Put everything aside, I was worried Cola and Nimo’s health condition, so I took them to Cat hospital. They got some health checked, and I asked about the hunting problem. If any of you are having same problem and under through it, hear me out. If your cat is hunting and bringing the dead animal in the home, keep in mind that she is not trying to tease you, she is just so in love with you. According to the doctor, the dead animal is for me something to eat apparently and she is bringing in to show me how thankful she feels and how much she loves me. Isn’t this great? Most kitty think that their owner as a friend, and I felt that my kitty really consider me as her family. Also, doctor said that she is going to become a wonderful mom.

If your cat love hunting, and bring the dead animal to home, even though it is hard to clean and gross, be happy and thank for your kitty loves you. That is because your cat cares you so much.