Black Cat

7 Oct

Why not black?

To be honest, I did not like black cat before, so I cannot tell “you should love black cats, too, and they are all same!!” However, I hope, me and my sweet Cola can change that stereotype. In fact, the adoption rate of black cat is even less than half of adoption rate of other cats. I guess it is not because the black cat is ugly; they look scary or somehow aggressive.

Personally, I never saw any cat prettier than Cola. Even though she does not make good picture, she is adorable, not only looking, but personality. There is no reason you would be scared of black cat. They are sweet and cute as just same as other color cats. For my example, Cola is the one who always approach to strangers first (and it is how we met). Even with other cats, she never attacked first, and when the other cat tried to be aggressive, she lied and surrendered. Not even with cat, with dog, she is doing great. She is just sweet and kind, no matter what color she wears.

You will see, many black cats, who are waiting for a sweet home, are actually very active and have good personality. They love when you cuddle and pet them, they purr when you hold them, and they jump to catch a toy. Do not judge them by their cloth they are wearing. You don’t know that they have white skin inside of that black hair.

My sweet black kitty changed me and my family. And now we can change you.


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