Cat’s Hunting

8 Oct

Cat hunts!!

My sweet Cola used to hunt small animal, such as mouse, birds, and lizards. I do not care about hunting, unless she eats, but it became a problem. She brought they dead mouse, birds, and lizards into home!! All of my family freaked out, and started to hate her, and it got worse when Nimo ate the dead mice that Cola hunted. She brought the dead animals several times a day, and that was every day.

Put everything aside, I was worried Cola and Nimo’s health condition, so I took them to Cat hospital. They got some health checked, and I asked about the hunting problem. If any of you are having same problem and under through it, hear me out. If your cat is hunting and bringing the dead animal in the home, keep in mind that she is not trying to tease you, she is just so in love with you. According to the doctor, the dead animal is for me something to eat apparently and she is bringing in to show me how thankful she feels and how much she loves me. Isn’t this great? Most kitty think that their owner as a friend, and I felt that my kitty really consider me as her family. Also, doctor said that she is going to become a wonderful mom.

If your cat love hunting, and bring the dead animal to home, even though it is hard to clean and gross, be happy and thank for your kitty loves you. That is because your cat cares you so much.


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