14 Oct

Keep your cat out of ticks

I never really had thought that Cola could have ticks (even though she is very outgoing cat), I was freaked out when I found bunch of ticks in her ears. Normally, she scratches around ears, and I thought that it was wield but not cared that much. But it was because of the ticks, and there were even serious scar, and she was bleeding.  I felt so guilty about irresponsible, and tried to remove the ticks, but it was not easily gone. You can’t imagine how strong these ticks are; it even made sound like ‘tick’, when I took it off from her skin. People always say that cat needs constant care from their owner, and it is true. Sometimes, it is even harder than raising dogs. Anyway, although cat does not like to have bath, you have to clean your cat’s ear all the time, even once a day. Ticks in cat’s ear is common, and it can appear to even indoor cat, however, once it appear, it is hard to be totally treated. For Cola’s case, I need to use special care to remove existing ticks first, but even though your cat has no ticks, prevention is necessary.

First, get some alcohol, and mix it with warm water.

Second, put cotton swab in the water, and clean the inside skin of ears. (You can put the cotton swab little bit deeper. Cat’s ear has longer inner part than human, and does not feel serious pain like people.)

Third, if your cat has suspected to have ticks, or germs in his/hers ear, there are some ointments to treat ear ticks for special, and you can buy them at near pet supplier store. Put some of the ointment into cat ear, and massage the ear, so the ointment can spread inside. Tips, while you are using this ointment, you should not give them bath, not only because of stress, water could get into the ear. (I haven’t used an ointment yet, so I will review one later.)

The ticks never can be removed without your constant care and love. You should watch your cat’s skin every day, and check there is not even one tick exists (it can be infected a cat to cat, or other hairy pet). You will see, your cast can get out of ticks by themselves. They need you.


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