Cat Has Personality

15 Oct

Which Cat Should I adopt?

As human have all different personality and characteristic, cats have their own characters every each. When you adopt a cat, the cat’s personality can affect to your life style, so it is important that you realize and care what kind of cat’s personality will fit you. For my case, I felt scared and lonely when I am alone at my house, I wanted to adopt a cat, who is active and easily attached to people.

In the Nevada Humane Society shelter, they are furnished several small rooms with toys, and if you ask, they let you in the room with the cat you choose. So you can hang out with the cat, and see how well you and the cat get along together. If you are very busy person, and need to work at home all day, cats like Cola will bother you to play with them all day, and you will get stress. On the other side, if you are very active person, and you like your cat to play with you, you will easily be tired of playing with quiet and inactive cat. Once again, it is important to know that personality a cat has, when you adopt one.

Even though every cat has different personality, there are some specific characters the cat has by kinds, and here I will explain four kinds of them, most popularly adopted.

First, the Persian cat. Persian is typical long-hair cat. They are quiet, cool, and arrogant. They have beautiful face, graceful behavior, and carefully active. They are perfect for you to raise as the first cat in your life.



Second, Siamese (Thailand) cat. They look classy and stylish. Some people say that Siam cat has dog kind of personality. They get along with people easily, and they are very friendly. They like to follow wherever you move, and extremely active. They like to play with you, and have high reaction of toys or strangers. Not like other cats, they have high sense of loyalty to their owner.


Third, Turkish Angora cat. There are both long- and short-hair, and most of them have white hair and blue eyes. They are very beautiful and marvelous. Some of them have odd-eye (different color of each eye), and even though it is abnormality, they are very popular. They have elegant figure, and they are intelligent. Most of them are very rough to take care, and there are rare numbers of gentle Turkish Angora.


 Last, Domestic Short-Hair cat. Most of stray cats are domestic short-hair. They used to have bad impression for people, but since pet cats are increased, many prejudices toward them are disappeared. They are kind, gentle, sweet, and quick-witted. I like to say that they have all of the good personality of other cats I listed here.


Cat adoption is increasing, and many people consider their cat as family, not just a pet. Therefore, you want to get along a cat has right personality with you.


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