Pregnant and Cat

20 Oct

Pregnant and Cat

One of my cat lover friends is pregnant, and as much as she and her husband were happy, she had a concern about her cats. She has two Persian cats, and she has been raising them for four years. Her husband did not like cats, but changed after they got married and lived together. But ever since he knew that she is pregnant, he keep insisting to send the cats away for her, and baby’s health. That wasn’t what she wanted, but she was also worried about the baby, so she asked me being able to take care of her cats for a while. I love her cats, and it is nice to raise different kinds of cats, but I didn’t think that I can possibly take care of four cats at once; I called my friend, who is veterinarian in Korea.

One of the biggest reasons that people are afraid of cats’ infection to pregnant woman and/or fetus is the toxoplasma, which is one of parasites that can lives in cats. If a pregnant woman is infected, the fetus can be miscarried. I know this sounds horrible, and you would think that I have to take care of my friend’s cats, but I will not. I actually suggested her to keep the cats, and here is why.

  • By the statistics, most pregnant women, who were infected to toxoplasma, were not as result of cats; it was because of eating not fully cooked meat, uncooked egg, sushi, vegetables directly from soil.
  • Even though a cat has toxoplasma, it will be discharged with defecation. Toxoplasma is not infected by air, so if the pregnant woman does not clean cat’s excrement, she won’t have infected to toxoplasma by cat.

There are some tips to keep away from toxoplasma during pregnancy.

  1. Avoid uncooked meat.
  2. Don’t eat sushi, raw egg.
  3. Try to cook vegetables, at least boil them for a second before eating.
  4. Check your cats whether they have toxoplasma already.
  5. Try not to let your cats go out, especially around cattle shed and pigsty.
  6. Don’t feed cats with raw food.
  7. Don’t clean cat’s excrement (Ask someone do that for you).
  8. Wash hands as many times as possible, especially before eating.

Cats can even help a pregnant woman get away from depression during pregnancy. After her husband go to work, when she is alone at home, it is easy to get depressed, and it can even affect to fetus more. With easy caution, you can avoid infection to toxoplasma, and can be healed by your cats.


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