Cat’s I Love You

22 Oct

I love my sweet Cola, and there are some reasons for that, such as only following me at home, always come to my room to sleep, and stay calm when I hold her. Before I raised cats, I believed that people said “Cat are arrogant, never follow its owner, and cold. These are true for some cats, but not for some other. One of my friends, who are raising two cats, told me that he couldn’t sleep well, because his cat kept biting his nose, when he fell a sleep, and his cat looks having fun with doing it. However, he also has his reasons to keep and love his cats; the cats also love him. How can you possibly know that your cat loves you? Here I am telling you, there are four typical behaviors that cats do to express love.

First, sleeping together. You may have experienced that on the first day with your cat, he/she never come out, try to hide, and sleep in the corner. Cat only sleeps wherever they feel comfy. My Cola used to sleep under the dinner table, and she cried when I pulled her out, but now she naturally come on to my bed, and sleep with me.

Second, grooming. Especially cats are grooming themselves really well, but once they know their owner love them, and feel comfortable with them, they start to groom their owner, too. Even though their tongue feels like sandpaper, it is a expression of their love to you, I hope you can handle with it.

Third, rubbing. They like to rub their body against the person they love. You can see when they rub their body to you, they put their tails up. This is because cats have smell that only can be realized by cats (human never can smell that), and they make sign by putting the smell to your body.

Last, purring. I guess most of cat owners had experienced this. This is a direct signal of happiness of cats. When they feel happy, comfy, and be loved, they make this sound through their body. I already posted about cats and pregnant women, but this purring sound actually have positive effect to pregnant women to avoid depression, while they are having baby.

How many of these behaviors have you had before with your cats? If you have done all of these, your cat must love you so much. Or, you go to adopt a new cat, and a cat does at least one of these, there are greater opportunity that you and the cat will get together better.


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