27 Oct

Today, I like to talk about Catnip. This is dried herb leafs that cats love, and work as drug for human, but does not have additional effect. Its official name is Nepeta Cartaria, but we call it “Catnip”, because cats love this. Like other herbs, the leaf gets dried, and it smells like mint. One of the components in this leaf called Nepetalactone, and this is the one works for cats. Silvervine leaf also has same component, and work same as regular catnip. Normally cats are driving crazy with catnip, and some of them aren’t, and silvervine leafs can work for them. Here, you may worry about giving catnip to your cats, because with this catnip, cats’ behavior become little unfamiliar, but there is not harmful effect with this leaf, so you can be relieved.


How does this leaf work? Like human uses drug to make feeling great, this smell from catnip makes your cats feel better. They are exciting, biting, hugging, and rolling on the catnip. Some people use this catnip, when their cats have no appetite, no will to do anything, or cats have health problem, so they are tired.

How to use? Normally, you put the catnip in the toy (such as stuffed ball, small animal doll, etc), or you can spread it on the scratch. However, once the smell gets disappeared, you have to change the catnip, because cats no longer interested in it.

Where should you get the catnip? At regular supermarket, you can buy full products, but you can also cultivate it at your house by your own. Catnip is usually strong, so easy to plant at home. When you get leafs, dry them for 2-4 weeks, and they will start to make minty smell.

There are some tips of catnip. First, it is safe to use as a toy for your cat, because it does not have any harmful effects or additions. Second, cats normally react to catnip for 10-20 minutes, and if you play with it too many times, cats will be tired of it really fast. So 1-2 times a week is proper. Many cats under 6 months old may not react with catnip, but they will while they are growing up, so do not worry about it. And do not give catnip to pregnant cats; it may affect to fetus.


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