29 Oct

Usually I wrote informative posts during most of my blogging time, and I love to give information to people, who want to know about cats, today I like to write some personal opinion about responsibility. Even though I love cats, and I hope many cats as possible are adopted and find new home, I don’t force people to love them and adopt them. The reason I had this on my mind started from a phone call. There is a friend of mine, who is veterinarian. Since she and I were friends at high school, whenever she found a dead cat on the road, she wasn’t felt scared, and buried the dead cat around the play ground. I was scared, so I didn’t help her, but I just stayed there with her, and she said that was nice. All I thought about at that time was how great she is.

Few days ago, she called me while she was crying. Although she had to practice medical experiments on living mouse, she never gave up her dream. But this time, she wanted to quit working as vet. The day was pretty harsh for her. First, one kid held his kitten in his arms, and the kitten was barely breathing. What happened was: the boy’s father didn’t like to have pet, and he was drunk that day, and kicked the kitten against wall several times. The kitten’s one leg was broken, and she couldn’t open one of her eyes. The kitten needed surgery right away, but the kid’s mom did not want to pay that much money for “just a cat.”  Second kitty came to her hospital few hours later. This guy ran into the office, and begged to save his cat. When my friend looked at the cat, it was dead already, and its neck bone was broken. He told while he was out of apartment for work that last night, his roommate possibly harassed the cat. Anyway my friend couldn’t save the cat, and asked him to bury the cat on the right place.

This wasn’t happened just that day. It happens all the time. People harassing their pets in their house, and the pet couldn’t get away from them. I hope you think about it more times before you just want to take them with you. Does your family or roommate like the pet? If not, don’t take them. Are you financially able to take care of your pet? If not, don’t take them. Your pet is like your baby. They need constant care and love. They know who loves them. They know where they can feel comfort. Sometimes, they require you to spend some money for them. On the earlier post, I asked you not just to feel bad to stray cats, and adopt them now. Let me add one more thing. Feel bad to poor animals, and look at your conditions. Get ready to HAVE RESPONSIBILITY TO YOUR PET! Then you are ready to adopt one.


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