Pet Has Positive Effects to Human Health

1 Nov

This is familiar sound that companion pets have positive effects on not only human’s health, also personality. Generally people just accept the thought that kids can learn closeness and sharing by growing with pets. Today, I like to show what your companion pet’s great influences to you are.

  1. After seniors in nursing house, who suffer Alzheimer’s spent some time with pets, their social interaction was improved.
  2. Kids, who had suffered school violence or family violence, were figured as having problems with personal relationship. However, spending time together with companion pets helped them to improve relationship management skill and sociality.
  3. Animal treatment had positive effects to schizophrenia patient to advance sociality. Since 1960s, animal treatments, such as AAA (Animal Assisted Activity) and AAT (Animal Assisted Therapy) were actually used, and its usage is getting wider.
  4. People, who had high blood pressure, while they were reading a book loudly or talking with other people, maintained secure and comfort blood pressure level, while they were petting and talking to pets.
  5. While people are taking care of their pets, people actually feel that they are needed and precious to someone, and this positive thought help to improve self-sufficiency and efficacy.
  6. Senior groups, who have companion pets, go to the hospital 20% less than other senior groups, who do not have pets.
  7. Among the patients, who suffered myocardial infarction and angina, patients, who had pets has 8 times higher survival rate than patients, who did not have pets. It is because life with companion pets helps the people have enjoyable and rhythmical life pattern, and these train muscle and heart to be stronger.  
  8. For the last, as a research result of Georgia University, kids, who lived with more than 2 companion pets, had reduced atopic disease, asthma, and rhinitis in half rate, and got out of several allergies. While15% of kids, who don’t have pet, are suffering from many kinds of allergies, 12% of kids with one pet are suffering allergies, and less than 8% of kids, who have more than 2 pets are suffering from allergies.

In many ways, pets are giving us great influences to our health and personality. In my case, I gain relaxedness and warmness from my pet. It is sad that some people worry about pets may harm their health, but I want many people know that they are only gives you some positive effects, including affection.


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