Neutralization – Part 1

2 Nov

Male cat’s Neutralization

Neutralization can be an issue for anyone, who raises a cat. Some people argue that it is inhumane, and some others argue that it is necessary. As a cat’s mom, I think it is requirement, and I like to talk why neutralization is required, and how it can work for your cat.

Neutralization can bring different issues for different sex. On this post, I will focus on male cat, and I will discuss female cat’s neutralization on the later post.

-Outdoor Cats: Neutralization is absolutely required for male outdoor cats, and it can be related with responsibility problem. First reason you have to neutralize your male outdoor cat is their high reproductive rate. If you neglect male cats go outside without neutralization, they can produce more than 100 kittens for only 3 months. Second reason is risk of their life. The fights between not neutralized cats are very aggressive, and there is more possibility of catching infectious disease. Especially, by the biting from other cats can make your cat catch Cat AIDS, called FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus); it is even hard to treat.

-Indoor Cats: Personality of male cats can be very different, so it can be even divided between before and after neutralization.  Male cats do not have specific mating season, but if there is a female cat around the male cat (even in far away), male cat response to the female cat’s pheromone, and starts to spread urine to all over the place in the house. It is called spray; it smell can last for several months, and it is really hard to endure. Also, male cats become really aggressive by male hormone’s effects. They keep aggressing and trying to fight with other animals or even their owner. But after neutralization, the relationship between the cat and other animals at home or other family will be improved. Last, not neutralized male cats keep trying to run away from home, once they smell female cat’s pheromone. Even if they could not get out, they feel excessive insecureness.


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