Neutralization – Part 2

5 Nov

Female Cat’s Neutralization

As continue to last post, I like to discuss about female cat’s neutralization and its effects.

-Outdoor Cats: Not like male cats, female cats are not turned to be aggressive or fighting outside of home by not neutralized, but the main problem is unwanted pregnant. Cats can possible pregnant when they are 5 to 6 months old, and the period of pregnancy is only for 2 months. One British vet chased a female cat for 10 years, and the result was shocking. The cat’s offspring was more than 1,400. If you care about the cat’s health problems due to the repeated pregnancy, this cannot be remained as the cat’s date privacy.

-Indoor Cats: Female cats’ personality is not really affected by neutralization, like male cats, the problem, indoor female cats have is calling. Female cats have specific mating season, and during that time, they don’t eat as much as they eat before, defecate more, and start to cry in really loud. They also start to act charming, lie on their back, and nag to tap on their butt. Some people really enjoy these cute acts, but the calling, which last for all night long is not only your family’s torture, but your neighbors. However, the level of loudness of calling is different for each cat, and if your cat’s calling is tolerable, I don’t force those people to neutralize their cats.

There is not actual argument of cat’s neutralization, and it is not defined with law. But many zoologists and vets in the world are supporting its positive necessity and effectiveness.  One clear fact is that cat’s neutralization and vaccinations actually increase cats’ life expectancy to 15 years in present. When we speak for cat’s right, we would rather understand cat’s physiology and help them to live on the facts than we delude cats as human.


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