Branding Yourself – Book Review

11 Nov

Branding Yourself – Book Review










I know this does not have relevance to my blog or cat, but I like to introduce a book, which was really helpful to use social media for me. This book was assigned to read in one of my management class at UNR, and I had to read the book to do assignment. But not like other boring textbook, Branding Yourself actually helped me to use network platforms, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and blog.

 The authors of this book are Erik Deckers and Kyle Lacy, they are actually using these social medias those introduced in the book, and I even could meet them through Twitter and follow them. This book not only stresses how important social media is, also give directions how to actually use them. There are great tips for using those platforms, and I really read them carefully, and kept them in mind. In the middle of text, there are small chats between Erik and Kyle, and those were amusing.

Even though I am an international student, this book was easy to follow, and not boring at all. I didn’t use any social media, except Facebook (I wasn’t even using than properly), but I am using most of powerful social platforms now, and see how valuable they are. If you are about to start a social network, and you don’t know where to start, put this book right next to your computer. And then, you are ready to be a social networker.


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