Where Can I Adopt A Cat?

11 Nov

Nevada Humane Society

I’ve share lots of information through my posts, and now this is your turn to adapt a cat! One question I have ever asked in most time, whenever I talked about my cat, was where I got them. I mentioned about Nevada Humane Society in some of previous posts, and yes, this is where I met my kitties.

Nevada Humane Society is located at 2825 Longley Lane Reno. They take care of more than 8,000 animals in one year, and some of them are injured, sick, or traumatized. They operate pet adoption, clinic, and neutralization. There are several kinds of animals, not only dogs, cats, also rabbits, birds, and ferry, etc.

You can play with any pets you want, and there is no limitation. Once you choose pets, you can ask one of the employees to see how they will work with you. There are several small rooms equipped.

You can take the pet in the room, and actually play with them. In my experience, I liked to adopt active pet, so I saw how well they play and be closed with me. When I went to there for this post, I took two kittens in one room at a time, and they were really cute and well hung out together (I seriously wanted to adopt one of them, but I decide to wait until next year).

In fact, Nevada Humane Society is having hard time taking care all of these animals, because animals enter here is getting increased, but adopting rate cannot maintain balance between them. They actually need more help for animals and better environment for them. The event they are implementing in present is six months of age of cats are free to adopt, and kittens cost $30. Unfortunately, cats’, more than 6 months old, adoption rate is much lower than kitten’s.

Once you decide to adopt a cat, you need to fill out some documents, and have to learn about basic information of cats, and they will also give you information about the microchip in your cat. With this tiny chip, you can recognize or find your cat, when you lose them just in case. When you are ready to go home with your new pet, they will ring the bell, so everyone can congratulate you having new family.


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