Cat’s Scratch

12 Nov


Few days ago, I found that Cola’s nails are too long and sharp. Her nails are always sharp unfortunately for me, but I have never seen this long. I wanted to cut some off, but I was worried because the nails are very important for hunting or fighting to other cats, since Cola is outdoor cat. Anyway I thought it was wield that Cola did not really take care of her nails, and I found the reason… Her scratcher was run out.

I don’t know how many people notice the importance of cat’s scratcher, but it really is. There are two main reasons of cat scratch their nails.

First, it is kind of beauty treatment. One surprise fact is that cats are really diligent. Whenever they have time, such as after eating, before going to hunting, even before nagging to play with them, they scratch their nails, and keep them short and less hurt for people (could be just delusion as human, but really less hurt to play after scratch).

Second, they mark their territory by scratch. There are scene glands in sole of cat’s foot, and while they scratch, they put this smell to the scratcher and let the other cats know that here is his/her territory. Normally, cats scratch as high as they can, its purpose is threatening other cats by showing how tall he/she is. This is one of their instincts.

However, the scratcher should be in the middle of living room, under the table, or around bed or their food, otherwise they don’t use it, and scratch to your precious furniture or floor. Some people hate cats scratching, because they make scars to furniture, and they even can cut your couch. But, with proper training and scratcher, you can avoid hurting expensive furniture, and not hate your cat.


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