Play with Your Kitty!!

15 Nov

When I adopted a cat for very first time in my life, the reason I wanted to adopt a cat was it is easy. I know I was totally wrong, but at that time, I believed the fact that cats do not like to play, walk, and sleep with their owner. I could not help to think this way, because my first two cats always slept, did not like to be bothered from us, and liked to hide most of the time. The only responsibility on me was feeding them, and cleaning their sand box. I am pretty sure; this is not only my case.

If your cat gives you “Leave me alone” expression, I do not force you to play with them. But the problem is, while you are really leaving them alone, they don’t run, walk, exercise, and they are getting FAT!! I saw many times that some cat owners tried to walk in the park with their cats, but their cats were trying to run away and it seems really pitiful. Adult cat’s normal weight should be between 5.5 to 12 lb, no matter what kinds your cats are, unless your cat is one of the generically small or huge cats! Once your cat is getting fat, it is harder to train them to lose weight, so you have to be prepared.

I never had any weight problem with Cola. Even though she is getting bigger; she used to be 8.2 lb 2 months ago, but now she is 8.6 lb, it is very healthy growth. It maybe because she is totally outdoor cat ( when she can’t go out at least once a day, she is being crazy; biting me, annoying me, scratching me, or doing whatever so I can give up, and let her out), also she has really active personality. However, the weather is getting cold, Cola spends less time outside than she used to, and there is nothing fun at home, she always sleep. Do you know what I need for her? TOYs!!

Normally she was really tired when she got home after hunting or chasing wild animals, she did not give a few seconds of interest to her toys, but she actually bring those things to me, and make me feel like she wants to play. 30 minutes are enough. It does not take long. After 30 minutes of your time devotes once a day, your cat will go back to your couch, and take a rest, in addition, your cat can keep his/her good body shape. (Maybe more than 30 minutes, if your cat is fat.)

Don’t just neglect what your kitty needs. You are their parents. Play with them, so help them to keep them out of obesity, make them healthy, and build bonding with them.


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