Tips for Raising Cats

17 Nov

Few weeks ago, one of my significant other’s friends got a kitten. He never raised any kinds of pet in his life, so he had his own way to raise the cat. One day, my boy friend went to his house after hanging out, he had this little kitten. She was 3 months old, has gray fluffy hair, and big round eyes. My boy friend just fell in love with the kitten, and held her all the time, while he was there. However, his friend treated the kitten carelessly. He fed the kitten so little, because he didn’t want her to get fat, so she was small like just a month old kitten. He cut the kitten’s whiskers, because he thought, it made the kitten looked older. He gave her shower EVERYDAY, because he thought she needed. This is why the kitten tried to run away from him all the time.

After I heard this story, I was so closed to report him to police. I was really sad about the kitten, and I wondered how I can rescue that kitten. I was not closed with the guy, but decided to call him, and tell him what he did wrong, and if he wouldn’t listen to me, I was going to take the kitten to myself. Fortunately, when I called him, he said he didn’t know about the cat, and he wouldn’t do anything like that, if he knew. This is also his fault that he haven’t try to find the information about raising cat, but since he promised me not to treat the kitten like before anymore, I just gave him some tips.

  1. Feed cat well. They are not like dog, who eat as much as their owner gives. Cats know when they need to stop eating, and they control themselves. Especially for kitten, they have to eat well to grow.
  2. Cat does not need to take a shower everyday. I also give Cola shower once for about 3 to 4 months. However, this is because she is outdoor cat. If your cat is indoor cat, twice for a year is enough.
  3. Do not ever cut your cat’s whiskers!!! Those are cat’s one of body parts. You can be arrested by animal shelter according to the animal protection law. Cat feels most of environmental conditions by their whiskers. If you cut these, they can’t walk through dark place or hunt. Some cats even can’t walk and open their eyes.
  4. Take care of them with love. One of the reason that cats are smart, is they can figure who loves them, and who doesn’t. In this case, she knew her owner does not have affection to her.

And there is one last thing I want to say, “Treat them as a baby, love them as your family, and devote to them without asking back anything. And someday, you will see how much your cat loves you.”


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