Cat Bath

18 Nov

Even though I said cats do not need to take a shower often, they need it once in six months at least for indoor cat, and once in three to four months for outdoor cat. At the first time I gave Cola a bath, it was the hardest thing I ever had to do since I adopted a cat. She was biting me, scratching me, and crying a lot (I was really freaked out, when Cola cried loudly, because she never cried before). Once she ran away, while I put pet shampoo all over her body, and she spread it to over my bed. I even researched how other people possibly give a bath to their cats, and it is a problem to others too. So, I created my own way to give a bath to cat, who really hates it.

The first step is preparing water. With a small bucket, which is little bigger than your cat’s size, and mix pet’s shampoo and warm water, until bubble appears. Then get some warm water in the bath tub. Cat’s skin is really sensitive, so you have to be careful with the temperature of water. It should be warm, not hot or cold!! And the water height need to be little bit more that your cat’s bottom.

The biggest problem I had to give a bath to Cola was scratch. She had really sharp nails, and she scratched all over my body; arms, thighs, back, wherever she could touch. I even cut her nails right before I gave a bath, but did not work well. So, I rapped her foot. Like the shoes dog wears, I rapped her foot with 4 pieces of small towers. And you are all ready to give your pet a bath!!

Put your cat in the small bucket with shampoo, and rub their body carefully, but not head. And bring the cat into the bath tub, and rinse shampoo. Also, be careful not to drop water in their eyes and ears. Once you are done with all body part, take off the raps on the foot, and rinse them quickly. Then hold your cat with dry towel, and massage them with towel, so the moist can be absorbed into the towel. Your can will run away from you, when you hold them with dry towel, but they will lick their body, and it will dry well soon. Just control temperature in your room, so your can won’t get a cold.

It seems a hard work, but the greatest part of this for me is once I am all done, and after Cola dry her hair enough, she comes to my bed, and tries to sleep with me. The moment is precious, and not compare to the effort I gave for her bath. Don’t be too scared, try it. You will see how bright you cat’s hair can be.


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