Thank You for Being with Me

22 Nov

It is been more than one year since I adopted Cola from Reno animal shelter. I still remember the first time I met her. Cola was totally different than my other cats. She nagged, made a mess while I was at school, bit and scratched me. For few days of living with Cola, I wanted to give her up several times, but I am so glad that I did not.

Because my other cats are belonging to my whole family, I did not really take care of them. My uncle changed their litter, aunt feed them, and cousins played with them. So I liked them, but not really attached. However, while I am taking care of Cola by my own, I realized how it is different depend on where the responsibility is on.

Since I decide that I am going to be Cola’s mother, I am trying to be really great owner. I feed her, take her to the vet, and play with her. And as much as I care about her, and love her, I feel that she loves me back. She only responds to my voice, she recognizes her name, she feels comfortable when I hold her, and she comes to my room to sleep, or take a break. And she comes at Nimo, only when I am with them, I guess she feels confident with me.

I grew up with my dad, who thought pet should live as a pet. He hated pet run into human food, sleeping with us, and/or come at us. So I had pretty same mind as him, but Cola totally changed it. I talked about Cola so much to my family back in my home, and said she is my daughter, and I will raise her with my children in the future. My father hated to hear it at the first time, but now he likes Cola just because of all the things I told him. I used to feel alone when I got home, but I don’t anymore. Cola filled my loneliness. It is been a year now since we’ve been family.

“Thank you so much baby for not running away from me, and coming back to home every night, and being my family.”


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