The Worst Misunderstanding about Cat – Part 1

25 Nov

While I am living with my sweet little Cola, I couldn’t help to guess Cola’s mind with no clue. I know many Cat owners do the same thing like I do, but then they would also have experienced that your cat wasn’t happy as you think. It is because you MINUNDERSTOOD cat’s mind. There are some worst mistakes that cat owners make, but cat’s not like.

  1. “My cat is raised alone, so she may lonely. I will to adopt one more cat.” – This happens to many cat owners, and I am one of them. Because I could be out so much time during a day, Cola used to welcome me whenever I came back to home. I felt great, but I also feel sorry to leave her alone, so I decided to make her a friend. I took my uncle’s family cat, Nimo, to my house, and guess what happened? They fought seriously, so I had to take Nimo back in less than one hour. Since they are living together, they don’t fight, and they get along sometimes, but most of time, they play separately. Don’t guess what your cat wants. They normally don’t welcome another cat into their territory, and share litter box and food. They may need you, not new cat.
  2. “Can food will make them sick, so I won’t give them any. Cats anyway can’t taste.” – They don’t need to have different food for every meal like us, and they don’t want something delicious for special occasion. However, they need can food. Not because of the taste, but for health, they need meat. Here, you better check your cat’s dry food; how much protein is included. For cats, nutrition is feed to brain first, so if there is not much protein in their food, they feel lethargic physically, and have no will to play or hunt. So, to fill energy, they need can food.
  3. “My cat used to like this toy, but he doesn’t play with it anymore. Maybe he is tired of this toy, so I will hide, and give it to him later, then he will play with this as new!” – If you really think this, you are so bad. Your cat’s not idiot. They actually know and remember their toy, no matter how long you hid it from them. When they play with the toy at the first time, they spread their unique smell to it, so they can show other cats that it is mind. They will recognize this smell even few years later, so they won’t play with it at all anymore. If you think the cat toy is too expensive, you can just make them. Watch what kind of toy you cat like the best. Cola likes to play with strings more than bells or balls. So I hung many colorful strings to a stick, and shake them in front of Cola, and she loves it. It is not difficult, if you have a few hours to devote to your cat.

No matter how much you love them, it is not worth to misunderstand their mind, so doing what they hate. It is important to know what your cat really wants. There are several more misunderstanding s that cat owners often make, continue on next post.


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