The Worst Misunderstanding about Cat – Part 2

28 Nov

I posted about misunderstanding about cat that cat owners easily make, and I am going to continue on more mistakes.

  1. Recently, there are great cat stuffs are coming up, many cat owners are using automatic cat bathroom equipment. When cats do their business, this thing automatically remove the excretion to keep the bathroom clean. It is true that cat loves clean bathroom, and they do not even use bathroom when it’s dirty, but you should not use this machine that includes automatic cleaning function. It scares your cat, and they try to wait and wait until they are about to burst. For cat, this machine is challenge, and adventure. Don’t be lazy to clean your cat’s litter box, and stop using automatic cleaning bathroom.
  2. I know it is scared, and it is now your challenge to clean dead animal, but it is their natural instinct. Cats love hunting. This is obvious fact. You want to stop them, but it does not work. Now you are worried that your cat maybe really wild and aggressive, but don’t you worry. Try to understand, this is what they do. In nature, cats are called as little tiger. They used to be wild animals. Even though they don’t eat what they hunt, but they still enjoy it.
  3. Your cat hates to be cut his/her nails. My cat used to scratched and bit me. It was two person’s job in the past. My friend held her not to move, and I cut. Because cats extremely hate this, you may think that this is harmful for cat. However, it is not. They actually use scratcher to file their nails. Too long nails will make them uncomfortable. Unless you don’t touch cat’s skin under nails, you should cut your cat’s nails for them.

We always want to completely understand what our cat wants and needs. However, it is difficult to understand, and we easily make mistakes. If you are little bit more pay attention to your cat though, you will know when your cat purr, and when they really get angry. Don’t try to understand their life in your eyes, try to understand them just as cats.


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