We Are Living in the Moment

2 Dec

One of my best friends in Korea has three cats. One of her cat was adopted about a year ago; her cat was stray cat, and about 4 years old. One day he could not move, and stayed at bathroom for so long, she took him to vet. It was just simply because of colon bacillus, and he got a shot. On her way came back to home, she took a cab, and started to talking to her cat, such as how much the shot could hurt him, sorry for not taking to vet earlier, etc. Somehow she realized there was a cab driver, and how could he think she is crazy, she stopped talking and looked at the driver. Suddenly, the driver asked her how much she loves her cat, and instead of answering, she re-asked him he does not like animal, and he told her a story.

He used to have a dog, who spent whole life with the family. He got the dog when the dog was a really small puppy, and he spent his life with the dog, when his son went to college and left house, his daughter got married, and saw his first grandchild. It was been 16 years to lose the dog, because he was too old. As considering the fact the dogs normally lives for 15 years, his dog had long health life, so there was no regret or sorriness, but he was sad about losing one of his family members, and felt so hollow. Ever since that, he couldn’t get anymore pet, because he knew, at this time he has to send the pet to heaven first.

After she heard this story, she couldn’t stand crying all the way back to home, and think about losing all three cats after few years later. She sat on the floor, and cried. Some people couldn’t believe, but her cats, who normally being really lazy, came down to cat tower, walked to her slowly, and sat around her. One cat actually leaned on her back, so she could feel warmness. For a while, she thought that how she can bear the sad moment after losing them first, so thought about giving them up, but she realized that the moment she spends with her cats is so precious.

We are raising pets, even though we knew that they won’t live longer than us. Most average cat/dog’s life span is maximum 15 to 17, and even it is expanded recently. we still give attached and love them, no matter how much we will be upset after we lose them, because we are living in this moment. My cat knows when I cry, and she comes to me and hugs me. She always comes to me when she is sleepy like a baby, and likes to play with me, sometimes nags when she is hungry. I love her, and she is my family. We are living in the moment together, and happy. I never could have these feelings without her, so it will be more sad not having her in my life at all, than losing her after all her life with me.


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