Cat’s Scratch

12 Nov


Few days ago, I found that Cola’s nails are too long and sharp. Her nails are always sharp unfortunately for me, but I have never seen this long. I wanted to cut some off, but I was worried because the nails are very important for hunting or fighting to other cats, since Cola is outdoor cat. Anyway I thought it was wield that Cola did not really take care of her nails, and I found the reason… Her scratcher was run out.

I don’t know how many people notice the importance of cat’s scratcher, but it really is. There are two main reasons of cat scratch their nails.

First, it is kind of beauty treatment. One surprise fact is that cats are really diligent. Whenever they have time, such as after eating, before going to hunting, even before nagging to play with them, they scratch their nails, and keep them short and less hurt for people (could be just delusion as human, but really less hurt to play after scratch).

Second, they mark their territory by scratch. There are scene glands in sole of cat’s foot, and while they scratch, they put this smell to the scratcher and let the other cats know that here is his/her territory. Normally, cats scratch as high as they can, its purpose is threatening other cats by showing how tall he/she is. This is one of their instincts.

However, the scratcher should be in the middle of living room, under the table, or around bed or their food, otherwise they don’t use it, and scratch to your precious furniture or floor. Some people hate cats scratching, because they make scars to furniture, and they even can cut your couch. But, with proper training and scratcher, you can avoid hurting expensive furniture, and not hate your cat.


Branding Yourself – Book Review

11 Nov

Branding Yourself – Book Review










I know this does not have relevance to my blog or cat, but I like to introduce a book, which was really helpful to use social media for me. This book was assigned to read in one of my management class at UNR, and I had to read the book to do assignment. But not like other boring textbook, Branding Yourself actually helped me to use network platforms, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and blog.

 The authors of this book are Erik Deckers and Kyle Lacy, they are actually using these social medias those introduced in the book, and I even could meet them through Twitter and follow them. This book not only stresses how important social media is, also give directions how to actually use them. There are great tips for using those platforms, and I really read them carefully, and kept them in mind. In the middle of text, there are small chats between Erik and Kyle, and those were amusing.

Even though I am an international student, this book was easy to follow, and not boring at all. I didn’t use any social media, except Facebook (I wasn’t even using than properly), but I am using most of powerful social platforms now, and see how valuable they are. If you are about to start a social network, and you don’t know where to start, put this book right next to your computer. And then, you are ready to be a social networker.

Where Can I Adopt A Cat?

11 Nov

Nevada Humane Society

I’ve share lots of information through my posts, and now this is your turn to adapt a cat! One question I have ever asked in most time, whenever I talked about my cat, was where I got them. I mentioned about Nevada Humane Society in some of previous posts, and yes, this is where I met my kitties.

Nevada Humane Society is located at 2825 Longley Lane Reno. They take care of more than 8,000 animals in one year, and some of them are injured, sick, or traumatized. They operate pet adoption, clinic, and neutralization. There are several kinds of animals, not only dogs, cats, also rabbits, birds, and ferry, etc.

You can play with any pets you want, and there is no limitation. Once you choose pets, you can ask one of the employees to see how they will work with you. There are several small rooms equipped.

You can take the pet in the room, and actually play with them. In my experience, I liked to adopt active pet, so I saw how well they play and be closed with me. When I went to there for this post, I took two kittens in one room at a time, and they were really cute and well hung out together (I seriously wanted to adopt one of them, but I decide to wait until next year).

In fact, Nevada Humane Society is having hard time taking care all of these animals, because animals enter here is getting increased, but adopting rate cannot maintain balance between them. They actually need more help for animals and better environment for them. The event they are implementing in present is six months of age of cats are free to adopt, and kittens cost $30. Unfortunately, cats’, more than 6 months old, adoption rate is much lower than kitten’s.

Once you decide to adopt a cat, you need to fill out some documents, and have to learn about basic information of cats, and they will also give you information about the microchip in your cat. With this tiny chip, you can recognize or find your cat, when you lose them just in case. When you are ready to go home with your new pet, they will ring the bell, so everyone can congratulate you having new family.

Revolution (selamectin)

10 Nov

The Revolution

In one of the previous posts, I wrote about the ticks and fleas, and how to prevent them. In Cola’s case, I was not cautious before it appeared, so I had to take her to the hospital. The ticks in Cola’s ears are called ‘stick-tight fleas’ from rodents or birds, it can be infected contact with rats, rabbits, and birds. It is not surprise that Cola has them, in fact she enjoys hunting those things. These fleas normally stick around head, especially ears, and not much threatening to cat’s life, but they can make cats scratch themselves so bad. Cola actually had wound in her ear, because she scratched so hard.

For treatment, the doctor prescribed Revolution; it is cat’s selamectin. There are three packs of small tubes for use in cats eight weeks of age and older. This is the package of Revolution,

And there are directions inside of package.

You have to apply them directly to cat’s skin at base of neck, so cat won’t lick it right away. There are the components in the package; directions, three foil rapped tubes, and cute cat stickers.

According to direction, it has to be applied once a month to completely remove ticks or fleas, so the stickers are for indication of the day you apply it each time. But, if the ticks or fleas are gone in first usage, and it should be in 24-48 hours, you don’t necessarily need to apply other two doses in next months (you can keep them until you need to use next one).

The effects of Revolution are:

  • Kills adult fleas and prevents flea eggs from hatching for one month
  • Prevents and controls flea infestations
  • Prevents heartworm disease caused by Dirofilaria immitis
  • Treats and controls intestinal hookworm and roundworm infections

This Revolution is pretty expensive in retail price, but you can buy them through online shopping mall with reduced price. There is no need of prescription for the Revolution, therefore you can buy and apply them by yourself with the directions. It is okay to use this, even if you don’t see any ticks or fleas, because it also kills inner worms, like heartworms.

Neutralization – Part 2

5 Nov

Female Cat’s Neutralization

As continue to last post, I like to discuss about female cat’s neutralization and its effects.

-Outdoor Cats: Not like male cats, female cats are not turned to be aggressive or fighting outside of home by not neutralized, but the main problem is unwanted pregnant. Cats can possible pregnant when they are 5 to 6 months old, and the period of pregnancy is only for 2 months. One British vet chased a female cat for 10 years, and the result was shocking. The cat’s offspring was more than 1,400. If you care about the cat’s health problems due to the repeated pregnancy, this cannot be remained as the cat’s date privacy.

-Indoor Cats: Female cats’ personality is not really affected by neutralization, like male cats, the problem, indoor female cats have is calling. Female cats have specific mating season, and during that time, they don’t eat as much as they eat before, defecate more, and start to cry in really loud. They also start to act charming, lie on their back, and nag to tap on their butt. Some people really enjoy these cute acts, but the calling, which last for all night long is not only your family’s torture, but your neighbors. However, the level of loudness of calling is different for each cat, and if your cat’s calling is tolerable, I don’t force those people to neutralize their cats.

There is not actual argument of cat’s neutralization, and it is not defined with law. But many zoologists and vets in the world are supporting its positive necessity and effectiveness.  One clear fact is that cat’s neutralization and vaccinations actually increase cats’ life expectancy to 15 years in present. When we speak for cat’s right, we would rather understand cat’s physiology and help them to live on the facts than we delude cats as human.

Neutralization – Part 1

2 Nov

Male cat’s Neutralization

Neutralization can be an issue for anyone, who raises a cat. Some people argue that it is inhumane, and some others argue that it is necessary. As a cat’s mom, I think it is requirement, and I like to talk why neutralization is required, and how it can work for your cat.

Neutralization can bring different issues for different sex. On this post, I will focus on male cat, and I will discuss female cat’s neutralization on the later post.

-Outdoor Cats: Neutralization is absolutely required for male outdoor cats, and it can be related with responsibility problem. First reason you have to neutralize your male outdoor cat is their high reproductive rate. If you neglect male cats go outside without neutralization, they can produce more than 100 kittens for only 3 months. Second reason is risk of their life. The fights between not neutralized cats are very aggressive, and there is more possibility of catching infectious disease. Especially, by the biting from other cats can make your cat catch Cat AIDS, called FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus); it is even hard to treat.

-Indoor Cats: Personality of male cats can be very different, so it can be even divided between before and after neutralization.  Male cats do not have specific mating season, but if there is a female cat around the male cat (even in far away), male cat response to the female cat’s pheromone, and starts to spread urine to all over the place in the house. It is called spray; it smell can last for several months, and it is really hard to endure. Also, male cats become really aggressive by male hormone’s effects. They keep aggressing and trying to fight with other animals or even their owner. But after neutralization, the relationship between the cat and other animals at home or other family will be improved. Last, not neutralized male cats keep trying to run away from home, once they smell female cat’s pheromone. Even if they could not get out, they feel excessive insecureness.

Pet Has Positive Effects to Human Health

1 Nov

This is familiar sound that companion pets have positive effects on not only human’s health, also personality. Generally people just accept the thought that kids can learn closeness and sharing by growing with pets. Today, I like to show what your companion pet’s great influences to you are.

  1. After seniors in nursing house, who suffer Alzheimer’s spent some time with pets, their social interaction was improved.
  2. Kids, who had suffered school violence or family violence, were figured as having problems with personal relationship. However, spending time together with companion pets helped them to improve relationship management skill and sociality.
  3. Animal treatment had positive effects to schizophrenia patient to advance sociality. Since 1960s, animal treatments, such as AAA (Animal Assisted Activity) and AAT (Animal Assisted Therapy) were actually used, and its usage is getting wider.
  4. People, who had high blood pressure, while they were reading a book loudly or talking with other people, maintained secure and comfort blood pressure level, while they were petting and talking to pets.
  5. While people are taking care of their pets, people actually feel that they are needed and precious to someone, and this positive thought help to improve self-sufficiency and efficacy.
  6. Senior groups, who have companion pets, go to the hospital 20% less than other senior groups, who do not have pets.
  7. Among the patients, who suffered myocardial infarction and angina, patients, who had pets has 8 times higher survival rate than patients, who did not have pets. It is because life with companion pets helps the people have enjoyable and rhythmical life pattern, and these train muscle and heart to be stronger.  
  8. For the last, as a research result of Georgia University, kids, who lived with more than 2 companion pets, had reduced atopic disease, asthma, and rhinitis in half rate, and got out of several allergies. While15% of kids, who don’t have pet, are suffering from many kinds of allergies, 12% of kids with one pet are suffering allergies, and less than 8% of kids, who have more than 2 pets are suffering from allergies.

In many ways, pets are giving us great influences to our health and personality. In my case, I gain relaxedness and warmness from my pet. It is sad that some people worry about pets may harm their health, but I want many people know that they are only gives you some positive effects, including affection.